SOAP Configuration for Dynamics NAV 2018 and Business Central

SOAP web service configuration

This page describes how to configure the NAV SOAP web service.‌

Install SOAP web service

‌When you install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 the SOAP web service is installed when you install the Server Option. Please refer to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV documentation for detailed info on how to install/configure the NAV SOAP web service for your NAV version. You need to check that the SOAP web service is enabled for your installation by verifying that the checkbox Enable SOAP Service is checked when looking at the configuration in the Dynamics NAV Administration application.
NAV SOAP Service settings‌


‌We strongly recommend you to use SSL for your SOAP web service. You enable SSL by installing a valid SSL certificate on your server, checking the checkbox Enable SSL and entering the thumbprint of your certificate under the General settings. Please refer to you Dynamics NAV documentation for detailed information about installing a SSL certificate.
NAV Certificate Thumbprint settings‌


‌You may enter the correct external SOAP Base URL in the SOAP Base URL setting. The base URL must have the following syntax: http[s]://hostname:port/instance/WS/Example Base URL
‌The instance name can be found in the tree in the Dynamics NAV Administration application and in the header for the selected instance.
The instance name is in this example DynamicsNAV110‌

Configure SOAP web service

‌The Golden EDI initialization will add the correct web service entries in NAV. You can verify this by searching for "web services" in the Dynamics NAV application and confirm that these lines are added:
Golden EDI web service configuration for NAV 2018‌


‌The Golden EDI cloud service will communicate with your NAV instance over the SOAP web service. To do this Golden EDI cloud service need to authenticate with a NAV user account. Please create a specific user for the Golden EDI cloud service, we recommend you to generate a Web Service Access Key with a the Key Never Expires option. If you choose to go for a ordinary user password the password will need to not expire.‌
The user can be a Full User or a Limited User. The Limited User is has a cheaper license fee and is therefor the preferred choice. Permissions:‌
  • Full User - Make sure the user has the user permission set Super.
  • Limited User
    (Table IDs for NAV 2018 and BC ) set the permissions to the following:
    Tables with write/read:
    • 70019007 - GEDI ClassInformation
    • 70019002 - GEDI Message Queues
    • 70019001 - GEDI Message Line
    Tables with read:
    • 70019013 - GEDI Class Setup
    • 70019005 - GEDI Message Code
    • 70019003 - GEDI Profiles
‌In most cases your IT infrastructure contains a firewall between the Internet and your NAV server (or maybe you use the Windows firewall). Golden EDI cloud service needs to have access from Internet to the SOAP web service. If you have a firewall you need to open up the correct port in your firewall for the Golden EDI cloud service. Usually this means to open up port 7047 for TCP connections from the Internet to your NAV server. You can limit the access to the SOAP web service for these source IP addresses:‌
‌Golden EDI cloud service has multiple data centerns in different geographical locations and therefor uses multiple IP addresses when accessing your NAV SOAP service.‌
You can of course use any TCP port as long as the external port in the firewall is translated to the correct TCP port on your NAV server (Usually port 7047 but can be configured to your choice).‌

DNS name

‌We prefer that you have a DNS name for the public IP address that is used to access your NAV server.‌

Information to send to Golden EDI

‌When the configuration is done you need to send this information to Golden EDI:‌
  • Server/Domain name, Example:
  • Port, Example: 7047
  • SSL/HTTPS usage: yes/no
  • Server instance, Example: DynamicsNAV
  • NAV Company name, Example: My Company Ltd
‌You can send the above information or the SOAP Base URL and the NAV company name:Example of a SOAP Base URL
‌We also need the credentials for the user created above:‌
  • Username
  • Web Service Access Key or Password
  • Domain
How to test the configuration
‌It is a good idea to test the configuration before sending us the configuration information. Open up a web browser and try to access the full URL including company name for the SOAP web service. The URL looks like this:‌
http[s]://hostname:port/instance/WS/company-name/servicesExample of a full URL to the NAV SOAP web service
When asked for credentials enter the credentials for the user you created for Golden EDI. The result could look like this if everything is ok (The result is from Google Chrome web browser):
Example of a successful configuration when browsing the SOAP web service with Chrome‌
You should see entries for the Golden EDI pages as described under the section Configure SOAP web service.